Hidden Messages Are Everywhere

A few weeks ago when we launched the teaser at BlackbirdEstate.com, we also issued a press release that straight up revealed crucial secrets about our in-development new game.


Fortunately everyone was trustworthy enough to keep it secret, keep it safe.  If after you scrutinize these documents, you feel a burning desire to share what you’ve learned, don’t worry.  You only have to sit on it a few more days.  We honor your trustworthiness!

Full size scan of the press release.

Map of Blackbird Estate, first draft

Forgive the sketchy look; this is what we affectionately refer to as “designer art” in the industry.  Beautifully animated and illustrated versions are in development!

But here’s the first draft of the world map for our new game (website here!), which is set in Blackbird Estate.  This is essentially a design document which helps us analyze how the player might explore the game and discover the story.


Audio Scheming For The New Game

Tiger Style’s crack audio department coming up with big plans to make our soundtrack and sound fx break more ground than ever before.

Have you seen the website for the new game yet?


The World’s Most Mysterious Book: The Voynich Manuscript

Tiger Style does tons of research for each project, but we’ve never been good about sharing it.  Now that our new game is far enough along, we’re hoping to change that.  Join Creative Director Randy Smith on his whirlwind tour of  the Voynich Manuscript, a real life story that covers history, linguistics, cryptology and even magic.


The Voynich Manuscript In 90 Seconds, at top, will give you the basics:  600 years old, illustrations of plants not from earth, writing that has never been translated or decrypted, evidence that it is probably not just a hoax, etc..

Here’s the complete version. 40 minutes is an eternity in these short attention span times, but you can always play it in the background while you work.


Ironically, this has almost nothing to do with our new game, it’s just a passion project that Randy dusted off to share.  But follow us here and on Twitter and Facebook for upcoming research projects, including one about secret societies!

Soviet Deco Warrior Guy by Whitney Clayton

Whitney Clayton, amazing concept artist with whom Tiger Style sometimes has the privilege of working, made awesome painting:

You may know her work from, as just one example, the Waking Mars load screen:

Check out her blog with lots more amazing art here!


Hornets Must Be Tackled


Tackling hornets is everyone’s absolute favorite player verb in Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor and Spider: Hornet Smash, with absolutely no exceptions whatsoever.


"The pounce has to be perfect in every way.. distance, timing, everything."


Here at Tiger Style, we never, ever make things up, with absolutely no exceptions whatsoever.

Tiger Style Goes To Wilson Castle

Follow TigerStyleGames on Twitter, and check out #TigerStyleGames on Instagram for more photos.  Who knows, you might even learn some secrets.

Tiger Style has started work on our next game, which means research and field trips.


On a rolling hill overlooking a quiet road in central Vermont stands an old stone mansion.  It was built in the 1800s by a mysterious couple who imported its materials by ship from England but who only lived there briefly.  It changed hands every other decade until the 1940’s.  For years it sat dark and abandoned.


The mansion was bought in 1939 by Herbert Wilson, an Army Colonel who served in World War II.  Col. Wilson traveled the world, collecting exotic treasures to decorate his opulent estate. 


No, I’m not making this up. Yes it does remind me of the story of Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor.  As does the setting.  I know right where I would build my webs.



Col Wilson’s had a fondness for organs and was an early adopter of radio technology.  He converted the estate’s stable into a radio station, which it still is today.


I was told this window is what makes the mansion officially a “castle,” although my personal research didn’t corroborate this.  If you’re noticing some Illuminati-esque symbolism then stay tuned for future posts in which we’ll talk about secret societies in more depth. 


Today Wilson Castle is being renovated by a friendly staff who offer comprehensive tours.  If you’re ever in the neighborhood of Proctor, Vermont, I recommend you pay a visit!

A few more photos can be found on Instagram - search for #tigerstylegames.


What we play/listen to/read while we work!

There are some cool things happening right now that I am not at liberty to say because that’d ruin surprises.  But while the Tiger Style team works on cool secret stuff, I wanted to catch y’all up on what we’re enjoying these days.


First off, Austin, TX is the home of most of the team, and also the home of South By Southwest, an insane music festival held every year. We’re talking thousands of bands playing all over the city.

It just finished, but you should check out our designer Randy Smith’s coolection of bands/music he recommended seeing/hearing.

I might also recommend NPR’s great music/SXSW coverage. They’re another great way to find new bands.

My own music recommendation today is a gypsy folk group from Minneapolis called Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles.


Bobby Arlauskas and myself have spent the better part of our year since Waking Mars reading Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. The 14-book epic was completed in January this year.

Bobby also managed to loop it into games by discovering a Mount and Blade: Warband mod called “The Gathering Storm”.

Meanwhile, Amanda’s re-reading a favorite of hers: The Haunting of Hill House.



Your artist recommendation today comes from Amanda: Anne Siems.


We all recommend: Ridiculous Fishing! PLAY IT!

Amanda: The Room, an excellent puzzle game for iPad, and Dear Esther (finally, she says).

Bobby: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on 3DS and Wii U

Nathan: Starseed Pilgrim, (pen and paper: Apocalypse World, Fiasco)

Randy O: Mark of the Ninja