Naming the Game Part 2: Waking Mars

Odds are pretty small that you’ve noticed our first in-game Tweets, but if you have, you might have noticed the hashtag #wakingmars.

Or perhaps you’re one of the 53 independent game fans who navigated to Page 18 of the IGF’s submission round-up (SERIOUSLY) and saw a game entitled Waking Mars that you hadn’t exactly heard of but looked strangely familiar.

I’m burying the lede again.

We changed the name of our game from Lost Mars to Waking Mars.

We actually made the change internally a month or so ago.  Let’s just say we were paying attention to the silliness surrounding “Scrolls” and “Elder Scrolls” and we talked to our lawyer and decided that it was best to go with a name we absolutely can own, 100%.  No-questions-asked.  No possible weird edge case conflicts.

But actually, we’re pretty jazzed about it.  Waking Mars and Lost Mars were our last two names standing, ones that had been on top of the pile for much of the long process of name selection.  We’ve been holding onto both names in the App Store for a short while now, knowing that it was going to be one or the other.  

My personal favorite was always Waking Mars.  I think it is more descriptive in a way that is relevant to the fiction and the gameplay experience.  It is evocative and mysterious and it has uplifting, positive connotations.  ”Waking” is the experience of rising up from sleep, and that gives it a dreamy, human vibe.

So there you have it.  Back to work on the research system and world map — got to finish the game!

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