The Collective is Active

Tiger Style is a very active bunch.  While we’re working hard to bring Waking Mars to your PC and Mac, the team also has its hands in a billion cool projects.  

When we’re not tearing up the Kansas City dance scene or prototyping one of several game concepts, here is what else has felt the claws of Tiger Style.

Amanda Williams

Alongside Damien and GL33k, Amanda did some art direction and concepts for the weird and stellar Cosmic DJ, an interactive DJ game experience.  She’s also living out in the countryside doing that painting thing (which I hear she’s pretty good at) and maybe some other cool things I can’t talk about…

Bobby A.

When he’s not providing our sound (currently getting voice acting for the PC release of Waking Mars!), he does sound work on lots of major titles, like Orcs Must Die 2, Epic Mickey 2, Hero Academy, Spirit Catcher, and the just previewed God of Blades!  (And alongside me, he’s wading through the tomes of the Wheel of Time!)


Part of Kokoromi, a game/art collective, Damien is polishing up Dancingularity, an interactive DJ set where dancers help create the visuals they’re dancing to, that will be rocking at Fantastic Arcade.  It sounds awesome and crazy and I’m sorry I won’t be at Fantastic Fest!

David K

Is totally slaving over Waking Mars for PC (Which you reaaaaally should support on Greenlight!) and prototyping [TEXT REDACTED].

Ethan G

This guy is pressing on the boundaries of sound and music, a recent work was even a selected piece for the International Computer Music Conference in Slovenia.  (That’s in addition to composing for us, for others, teaching, AND soon writing his dissertation!)  Listen to Ethan’s fascinating My Parents’ Phone Number.


Mr. Drawbaugh is also a cosmic jammer, writing music for surround sound and performing it as Dweomer. (Go listen to his tunes!)


Is doing art at Eerie Canal on the game Dreadline with Steve, which looks awesome, and also singing for the wicked metal band Abnormality. Might I recommend you check out their bandcamp to get your face shredded off! 

Randy O

I spent the last couple months finally bringing my one-button zombie killer Dead End to the iPad, and I would be stoked to have you check it out.

Randy S

Smith is a music aficionado, and compiled some of his fave music earlier this summer in one of his patented Gemini Radio mixes.  That’s about all he has time for when he’s not making Waking Mars PC polished and perfect (and of course those other [shhh] prototypes).

Steve (Kimura)

This guy is not only working on Dreadline, but he also has a line of clothing!  Check out Operator USA if you want some high-end snow gear for this fast approaching winter.  Oh, and he’s raising a daughter! (Awww!)

Whitney C

One of our stellar concept artists, she’s been hard at work in Montreal on the 3d game Contrast, doing art design/promotional art/everything 2d for the game, for everTotally check it out, cause it looks awesome! 

And as always, Theron, everyone.

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