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We're going back to Mars (really)


Curiosity, a descendent of Spirit and Opportunity, launches from Earth, headed for Mars, in just a few short days.  Read more at NASA’s MSL page here!

Based on everything I’ve learned about Mars while researching for our game, I would be thrilled but not shocked if this rover were to discover evidence of past life on the red planet. Good luck, Curiosity!


This weekend, we’re doing a live demo of our new game — Lost Mars — for the first time ever in a public forum. 

If you’re in Austin, TX, come check us out at Juegos Rancheros this Sunday, 4pm at the Highball!

And if not, well, we had to do some screenshots to help promote the gig, so I figured I’d post a handful here!  It’s still a bit early and rough around the edges, but we’re getting closer every day…  and we will have plenty more information to share in the coming weeks and months!

Scientists pretend to go to Mars, not go insane.
Maybe they will play our game when they are on their “mission.”  But then again…  do they have the internet in space?

Scientists pretend to go to Mars, not go insane.

Maybe they will play our game when they are on their “mission.”  But then again…  do they have the internet in space?

Lost in the Lava Tubes

My latest column in Edge magazine, which you can visit here, began with an excerpt from this short story I wrote about our new game.  (With thanks to Edge who kindly permitted this re-publication!)


Liang explores a Lava Tube on Mars

Liang Qi, biologist, mineralogist, expert cave diver, and celebrated spokesperson of the Global Space Agency twisted his torso and wriggled downward through the tiny opening between two rough curves of rock, his suit scraping the walls. 

I recorded this with my space scanning equipment late last night. It seemed to be coming from the direction of the red planet!

Naming the Game - Part 1 (oh, the absurdity)

So… we’re making a game that takes place on Mars.  For some reason, we haven’t been able to satisfactorily assign the game a final name.  We’ve had over 5 extended brainstorm email threads over the past year, adopted and discarded 2 temporary names, did a friends-and-family Surveymonkey with dozens of participants, and just this week, generated an aggregate list that contains 445 unique name suggestions.

And you were wondering what was taking us so long!

I’m going through the list and trying to pull out my favorites in preparation for more discussion later this week.  But in pulling out my honest favorites, I also pulled out the silly, the absurd, the totally unserious, so I could share them with you, dear reader.

  • Mission: Explore
  • Alien Human
  • Not Doodle Jump
  • Growing Up Martian!
  • Jetpacking Space Gardener
  • Hunk in a Hole
  • Marz
  • Mars:  Mars
  • Mars Murder Mystery
  • Giant Martian Egg Erotica
  • Mega Mars
  • M.A.R.S.
  • S’mars
  • Pocket Mars
  • Rough Nasty Astronaut
  • You Plant ‘Em, I’ll Grow ‘Em
  • Heart of Marsness
  • Mars:  The Secret of Bryce Mars
  • Tiger Style’s Mars Vacation
  • Freaky Tentacles

Mars may have salty water.

Scientists have found new evidence for possible saltwater flows on Mars. The discovery was announced at a NASA news conference Thursday.

NASA Rover Drives 20 Miles on Mars

After seven years of stop-and-go driving, NASA’s intrepid Mars rover Opportunity has covered just over 20 miles on the Red Planet

You think traffic on Earth is bad!