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Waking Mars Update and Price Drop!!

It’s May Day, and big things are going down! 

Waking Mars is available for just $2.99, starting NOW.  It’s a perfect moment to push it on any skeptical friends you couldn’t convince before.

Today also marks the release of the big May Day Update we’ve been slaving away at for weeks.  What’s in this update?  New jetpacks!!


For extra fun and increased maneuverability, the May Day Update features brand new jetpacks you can use to hover in place, speed rapidly across Lethe Cavern, and write your name in vapor trails (assuming you’re a good enough pilot, of course).  The jetpacks are unlocked when you reach certain story encounters, so if you load a saved game where they’ve already happened.. well, you’ll see for yourself.

Speedy jetpacks!

 This update also has incredibly detailed art for the iPad Retina screen!  Click on the screen shot below for a close-up!

The iPad Retina may well be the highest pixel resolution commercial device of all time.  When we started designing iPhone games we thought it was going to be a breeze to make graphics for a 480x320 screen.  Now we’re up to 2048x1536!  Fortunately, we don’t mind generating 3.1 million pixels sixty times per second, for two important reasons:

1 – Our graphics look amazing on Retina screens.  All that detail!  That screen shot above is cropped..  on a new iPad it would all be crammed into just a couple inches.

2 – All the lifeforms and environments of Waking Mars were hand painted at HUGE sizes and then shrunk down to fit the game.  That’s what gives our art its unique look, and so making high resolution art isn’t as hard as it could be.

How huge is huge?  Well, click on this Phyte.. this is still scaled down considerably from the source material.

Big Phyte!

If you’ve already downloaded Waking Mars, then please enjoy this May Day Update!  If you haven’t checked out Waking Mars yet, then we hope we’ve managed to tempt you.